Party Tracker: Demonatrix

Party Tracker: Demonatrix
by Zachary Palmer

At New York’s premier multimedia fetish play party, celebrate a holiday as pagan as the origins of the Christmas Tree and Easter Rabbit, where Maya Sinstress as The Demonatrix and her accomplice Nikki Fierce’s ‘trix are not for kids.

Used to ground energy, each point of the pentacle represents one of the earth’s elements; here, it will ground the elements of this party. The unifying force, Spirit is within and transcends all elements — for me, Xris SMack! is Spirit (this is his party).

Fire is the realm of transformation and passion, and this is an event to get away from your boss’ whipping the horse’s eyes — feast your eyes on the showmanship of the fetishist’s lashes; breathe Fire in tonight’s Evil Environment featuring live piercings and tattooing, and the SMack! Dungeon with S&M/torture punishment. Water: everything grows darker as Water (inner transformation, new beginnings) flows, raise the goblet in your ring-garnished hand to the video premiere from Mechanical Whispers, and fetish/demonic videos from the SMack! Video Lab, also ‘The Desecration Diaries’ by S. Jenx and bio-mechanical sculptures from Christopher Conte.

Come midnight, you are in Earth’s realm — related to dance — featuring She-Devil go-go’s and performances: HELLCats, where Athena Fatale and Arachnia Webb weave a tapestry of arachnid witchery of the academic and historical. Also, The Passion of St. Agnes where Storm, Miss Katonic, Elyssia and Sweet Scarling draw from the story of the virgin-martyr Saint Agnes. Careful now, the story is that all men who attempted to rape Agnes were struck blind. Finally, a performance called Madame Bathory, where Mistress Jade Tiger & Co bathe in the blood of victims and pour forth the legend of Hungary’s most famous serial killer.

Nearing dawn, Air — related to music and sound — takes over, with Audiolust providing lightning and Hellfire. For those hungry for the exorcise of dance, in the Bathory-Balcony DJs provide an Anton Lavey/Dmitri Mendeleev levy break of music: Rex versus Rexx is slated to be a XXX affair, and they are joined by Darryl Hell, Johanna Constantine, Terror.Chic and Xris SMack!, with — no fetish party is complete without a suspension — a special guest!

225 E Houston St, at Essex St/Ave A


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