Party Tracker: MONDO

Party Tracker: Mondo
by Zachary Palmer

Having recently celebrated the three-year anniversary of what, over the years, has been a nomadic party, your hosts/DJs Miss Modular, Kevington and Dr. Maz have re-located to Don Hill’s, the godfather of rock clubs just east of the Hudson River waterfront. Every first and third Friday, dance floor Brandos dressed to dance a last tango in Paris take the subway named desire, feraly [Kim] Hunt[er/S. Thompson]ing to see which Mondoer’s They Shoot Horses, Don’t They-tolerance does the best against what guest DJs do do, on and on — celebrate Monday being so far away with a mix of indie rock, Swedish pop, girl groups, post-punk, twee, shoegaze and weird pop.

While so many parties break up over an in-fighting, dramatic Yoko Ono-like element, the kids here Vivian-Leigh’ve the fashion trends and social graces of tweaked-out hipsters behind, opting instead for classic looks and classy behavior: where the crowd welcomes a breakdance, and the DJs break new songs.

Tonight’s guests are treated to a special performance from the Secret History (ex My Favorite), Michael Grace Jr.’s project which mixes an unbelievably un-googleable name with pleasantly unforgettable melodies. A noir dance floor filled with everyone from retirees residing in sixth borough condos to crust punks going commando, with dandies and mod kids in between, through last call Mondo will still be going strong. Stick around to see who is the most ‘gonzo’ (in the South Boston Irish slang ‘last-man-standing-after-a-drinking-marathon’-way) — who is the last wild one dancing.

Mondo: OCTOBER 19
11pm, $5; FREE with either flyer or invitation;
Don Hill’s
511 Spring St, at Greenwich St


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