Unstoppable Perfect: Where Brothers Grimm and Sisters Bare it!

Unstoppable Perfect: Where Brothers Grimm and Sisters Bare it!
by Zachary Palmer

Happy Ending is the bi-level venue for this split-modifier party filled with dance floor Hansels and Gretels, where every second and fourth Thursday of the month, resident DJs rekLES and seanMFNroberts lead a year-1066 Norman Invasion [of Rapunzel’s castle] on nightlife, turning the dance floor into Feudal England, a period when church service was in Latin, government business was in French and the citizens spoke in an English with more verb tenses than our current, shaped-up-and-reduced three. Your hosts Julius Onah and Antwan Duncan (ithinkyoureswell.com) invite you to lose your tensions, shape up on the dance floor and be reduced to mania, as your residents spin a William of Orange (forgive the anachronism, please) Julius-smooth mix of grimy electro(clash), indie(pop), (blog)house, dance(rock), new wave(80s), disco(punk), leading directly to the Dan[c]e Law of Viking metal — a change in music as map-able as the consonant shift in word sounds through history as outlined in Rask’s-Grimm’s rule, Grimm’s Law (oh, fricatives) — with all of the pulp of sweaty dance parties. A party whose name is a split modifier is choice territory for a DJ duo known for [comma]splice’ing (oh, fusion) songs together in Gehyrsumnysse (Old English for obedience, and the former name of this writer’s music project) to their fans — no ‘Divine Right of Kings’ (hard G, old school English-style) here.

Find fraternity with your brothers (consonant shifts: f to b, t to th) while knowing “f to b to p” gives the go ahead to discuss lips and labia with Snow White as an example of ‘the linguistic as the erotic.’ For you Cinderellas concerned about turning into pumpkins, show up to get lit from drink specials between 11pm and midnight; otherwise, be there before 12:15am/ad for four hours of [Magna C]artery-pumping dance hits. With a Happy Ending, 4am arrives as ‘happily ever after.’

Unstoppable Perfect
FREE with rsvp at going.com/uperfect
Happy Ending
302 Broome St, at Forsyth St (F,J,M,Z to Delancey St-Essex St)


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