Party Tracker: BOTTOMS UP!

Party Tracker: BOTTOMS UP!
by Zachary Palmer

For cowboy-boot’ed hipsters with swallows tattooed on their hips, Little Birds presents a rockabilly party with plenty of $3 mixed drinks after midnight to swallow down. Anchor yourself to the bar with a clove in hand and fly three sheets to the wind bent (like Icarus toward the sun) too close to the reef of the dance floor — rolling in a figure-eight of bow-line[d] dancing by bowlegged girls. This monthly Sailor Jerry party promises to be a maritime merry-time, and photographer Ben Duchac DuChamp’ion’s the party’s archive by capturing the boppin’ to rockabilly and 50s tunes.

Rope 415 Myrtle Ave, Bklyn, 9pm, FREE


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