Big Brother-Style Party Tracker: Radio Fuck You

Big Brother-Style Party Tracker: Radio Fuck You
by Zachary Palmer

It [will be] a [dark], cold [night] [on March 19], and the clocks [will strike] thirteen as former ‘The Thirteenth Hour’ underground electronic radio show DJ Chris Alker (Art After Midnight, DEPROGRAM) and international DJing sensation Darren “The Brit” Hughes — frequently-gigging DJs and first-time collaborators, treating each other like younger-and-older brothers — dig through Or-wells of electro beats and short-hair skins/wavey-hair post punk (just hitting their stride after an 11pm to midnight open bar), in the midst of an uninterrupted, anarchistic seven-hour music session. Dine on Guglielmo Marconi and cheese and show up before the crowd outside mimics the Watts riots. Hughes and Alker promise raffle prizes, projections and rooftop star-gazing. He loved [Bloomberg].

The Delancey 10pm, FREE.
168 Delancey St, between Clinton and Attorney St


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