Party Tracker: Party 'Stache-rs

Party Tracker: Party 'Stachers
by Zachary Palmer

After starting at 6's and 8's, before moving to Beauty Bar, DJs/hosts Tommy Hottpants and Zach have a new venue for their alternative salon/dice roll of rock 'n' roll dance party. In the DJ booth with more dangly jewelry and bandanas than a group of dandy pirates, these two boys are quickly getting their sea legs and growing their 'staches; over the next two weeks, this glammy-gay dance party will pump out enough guitar solos to put chest hair on the dykes and keep Duch and the rest of the drag queens getting their upper lips waxed every few days. June 22, get your Freddy-Mercury raised at 'Staches's Pride Party. Doubling as the Limpwrist after party, this Queercore/Tranny mash-up boasts bulge-in-the-pants-style performances from Limpwrist and Amanda Lepore. The cover is $10, but Tommy promises free SoCo until it is gone. June 29, Justine D (of Motherfucker) will keep both the self-orphaned punks and drag queen milfs dancing with a DJ set of cock rock, fist-pumping anthems and bangers. This will run you runaways $5.

Visit for info.

Don Hill's
511 Greenwich St, at Spring St
10pm to 4am


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