Zachary: An Introduction

Maybe it is the weather or the mayor, the political climate or the copious snow melting into precarious ice but, for whatever reason, in the dead of winter people turn into flakes — listen up, sweetheart: too cold is never an excuse. Oh, but let's not be season-specific: too hot is never a reason, either. Unless we are talking about undressing in public — which brings us to dancing. I am here for all of your bacchanal-news, so this will be the blog you visit daily when work gets banal. I am not much for sleeping, so let my blogs be your one-stop source for all things between 10pm and 8am.

A bunch of smug, hipster manqué bloggers will try to grab me by my nascent blogging-feet and shake me upside-down-baby-style... but they will have to find me first, if they every make it to an actual dancefloor. I am the boy on the speaker in the duct-taped-together cowboy boots. This all-hours medium works because the downtown dance scene is a twenty-four hour partymarket. I will not spoil anyone's "surprise guest DJ" fun, but as soon as whomever shows up I will be blogging it. These postings are all about you, darling — written in the argot of the organic, inspired scene that you and I run in. Send me tips, send me love — go dancing with me, walk-homes are free.

FROM Theatre World Volume 60: 2003-2004 (2006)


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