The 2008 Nightlife Awards

It’s been a year since our little Nightlife Awards experiment succeeded, and this election year, partiers have once again run for their [night]lives. In preparation for November’s slightly more serious Tuesday election, The L’s Nightlife Editor Zachary David Palmer reached across party lines to poll nightlife pundits, themselves line-jumpers. This year’s ballot was updated to reflect both the suggestions and criticisms of the event’s inaugural year, but selecting the winners remained the same: after a lengthy vetting process, panelists were tapped to serve on a party-school version of an electoral college — an Orwellian nightmare where all partiers are equal, but some are more equal than others — given the task of picking winners from the nominees short-listed by the reader’s poll. Now that the conventions are over, catering (spoon-fed, as per money-rules) to the lobbyists, The L ignores the hobbyists and honors nightlife professionals.


DJ Performance at a park or festival: Paul Van Dyk
In a decade, seeing Paul Van Dyk’s genre-breaking set as the waves of the Hudson River broke not far away might replace our memories of bike-riding on an elementary school summer vacation. Of course, Bruce Springsteen will never write a song about that, but maybe Van Dyk will do a remix of classic Springsteen.
Nominees: BEMF, McCarren Park, Santogold at Summer Stage, Diplo and A-Trak at Summer Stage, Siren

Music Festival: Kevin Saunderson at The Yard

New Song: ‘Kids’, MGMT
We are not sure that this can still be considered new, but it is newish. We are such old men, and did you see what MGMT did to the McCarren Park Pool this summer? We guess it counts... rekLES?
Nominees: Kingdom, Dave Gahan; L.E.S. Artistes, Santogold; Shut up & Let Me Go, The Ting Tings; Paper Planes, MIA; I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You, Black Kids; Electric Feel, MGMT

Record Label: iheartcomix
We love that Interscope was nominated, perhaps we failed in our intention: independent record label. However, look at The Predator (released on Interscope) by Ice Cube, whose early N.W.A. stuff was all DIY. If Johnny Cash wrote the first rap song, congratulations DIY-hipsters, you just maybe commodified out-of-trunk LA and street corner NYC hip-hop for street cred for your noise “project.”
Nominees: DIY, Norton Records, Interscope, DFA, Trouble & Bass, “they all suck”
Last Year’s Winner: Vacancy Records

Rock ‘n’ Roll DJ: Miss Guy
Maybe you heard him at last year’s Nightlife Awards, maybe you have been following him since the 90s, as a DJ and rockstar (the Toilet Böys).
Nominees: Twig the Wonderkid, Michael T, Theo Kogan

Female Hard Rock DJ: Lady Starlight
A write-in award, we are not sure that it makes any difference what equipment you have as a DJ, so long as you know how to use it. Just because you put a woman on a platform does not mean that everyone will like your Party. That goes for John McCain and Sarah Palin, too.
Nominees: Theo Kogan, Carin Shock, Shar Gorgiiss, Lauren Flax

DJ: DJ Jess
So what if he plays too much Morrissey? Jess is the real deal, able to go from The Smiths to electro to mod to punk rock and back to The Smiths in just two steps: a double-shot of The Smiths.
Nominees: Jeremy (DJ Bastard), Jake Destroyer, VDRK, Dimitry!!!, Lauren Flax, Michael T, Twig the Wonderkid
Last Year’s Winner: rekLES

New Party: Disco Down
Hosted by the Glitter Kids, Twig the Wonderkid and DJ Bastard’s electro, disco, rawk and indie Tuesday night party plays revisionist history to the Disco Demolition — punk and disco getting along?
Nominees: Girls & Boys, Minou, Ether, Bottoms Up!, Stereo-Type, Campout
Last Year’s Winner: High Voltage

Party: BYTE
If only every party could be a mix of play areas, pass-out worthy performances, fabulous costumes and songs that are not heard everywhere else.
Nominees: TRASH!, High Voltage, Trouble & Bass, Rated X, Six Six Sick, Fixed, Unstoppable Perfect, Subway Soul Club, The Pull-Out Method, Nacotheque, Stereo-Type, Cheeky Bastard, East Side Social Clvb,
The Panty Raid
Last Year’s Winner: FUN

Gay Night: Sundays at Hiro
One member of the Academy’s “Friday (anywhere)” pretty much captures it, but what Sundays at Hiro does is say: not only do I want to live outside of the marrying public’s norms, but also their work weeks and sleeping schedules. If you can pretend that Hiro is the sandwich, the sandwich being a sub, and then make the jump to a submarine: this party is like Fleet Week every week.
Nominees: The Filthy Party at Metropolitan, Family, Wednesdays at Metropolitan, The Look
Last Year’s Winner: The Factory

Goth (Forgive the Catch-All) Night: BYTE
The best party to which our Nightlife Editor has probably ever been. He passed out, he got a concussion, he saw a knife and whips and leather and a guy rolled up in a carpet. Nevermind the tweaked-out kids spending hours looking like they just woke up, give us a cathartic latex cat-suit (or, for that matter, a guy in a business suit spending money that he actually has at a party) any day.
Nominees: Salvation, SMack!, Weird at Home Sweet Home, Just One Fix, Manic at Trophy, Contempt

Glam-Rock Night: Glamdammit
Twig the Wonderkid and the Astronettes’ party has lasted longer than most of its attendees have been in college. Taking the glam-night format to a higher degree than most of the commodified parties blipping around the scene, this one is stellar.
Nominees: Glamdammit

Underground Party: Famous Friends
Sorry for out’ing you, but now maybe you can live up to your name. Their weekly party at Arlo & Esme received plenty of nods on this ballot.
Nominees: Copy Cat, Minou, Tingle Tangle, Trouble & Bass, Rubalad, BYTE

Party for Live Music (Drumming, Etc.) During and/or Between DJ Sets: Minou
The legacy of SoulPusher lives on, even though it is years gone by. Minou, a quite new party that has tapped into the zeitgeist, comes away with some serious mixed-media of recorded and live music, then.
Nominees: Cheeky Bastard, SoulPusher

Party to be Abjectly Humiliated by the Emcee: Rated X
Anyone who ever went to Motherfucker knows that Formika’s forked tongue speaks volumes. Rated X’s Hot Body Contest is strictly praise-only from the crowd, we have never heard an insult that wasn’t deserved at Rated X. Plenty that were, though.
Nominees: “Where’s Formika?”

Outdoor Party: Sunday Funday at The Yard
Nominees: Sundays Best at The Yard, BEMF, Hope Lounge, High Bar, McCarren Pool, The Yard
Another summer creation sure to replace hazy summer memories — The Yard is one of those places where you get to hear great music and find out what your friends look like in broad daylight.

After Work Party: High Voltage
We are not totally sure how a late-night party came up with this award, perhaps the people have spoken for napping between 6pm and midnight and hitting up the Annex on Wednesday nights as a pre-work event. Or they’re all waitstaff.
Nominees: A Rock and a Hard Place, The Hump at Blue Owl, Danny Krivit at Water Taxi Beach

Party with Live Performances (Music, Otherwise): BYTE
Performances at BYTE are astonishing, those who are in that scene are pleased and those who are only curious are shocked. Any party can have a band that suits a music genre, but BYTE taps into the fetish lifestyle.
Nominees: Minou, TRASH!, Cheeky Bastard, RebelRebel, Rated X, The Rub


Greatest Living New Yorker: Woody Allen
At first, we were a little hesitant to accept this category — many of the nominees were not particularly in the Nightlife capacity. Good, then, to know that Woody Allen & The Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band are performing every Monday through Decemeber 15th at The Carlyle — 8:45pm, $150, $100, $70; dinner required.
Nominees: Jimmy from Trash & Vaudeville, Michael T, Andy Shaw, Anna Wintour, Twig the Wonderkid, Jayne Country
Last Year’s Winner: Antonio

NewComer: Glitter Kids
A consummate reflection of Salinger-esque Manhattan, The Glitter Kids (Ashley, Kelly and Mikey) are young, beautiful and drunk. Let’s defer to the youth is wasted on the young/if you are not wasted, your day was.
Nominees: Keyle, Lena Utin, Ashley the pirate, Jake D., Charlotte Rose of Luxe, Ruthie (Famous Friends)
Last Year’s Winner: Jason Ultra

Nightlife Photographer: Jess —
Jess’ is full of NSFW pictures of barely-legal (and hardly-legal) partiers. Asked about hate mail in last year’s interview, he responded: Don’t get hate mail. Do get a lot of “If my wife/grandmother/boyfriend/child/boss/pet sees that photo... I’m ruined!”
Nominees: Nicky Digital, Jeff Rhodes, Igor, Nikola Tamindzic, Isabel Belfor, Mr. Photog
Last Year’s Winner: Nikola Tamindzic

Nightlife Icon: Sophia Lamar
“Your [Nightlife Icon winner] not by choice, by demand!” Sophia is a “professional human being” — simultaneously spectacular to look at and lovely to interact with. She has been on the scene since most of her parties’ patrons were in short pants, but she prefers something that shows off her legs in a more flattering manner.
Nominees: Amber Star, Michael T, Nick Zed, Georgie Seville, Larry Tee, Mistress Formika, Amanda Lepore, Justine D.
Last Year’s Winner: Michael T

Go Go Dancer and Burlesque Performer: Amber Star
She can dance, and looks good dancing. Comfortable on just about any surface — stage, bar, dance floor, platform — at ease wearing just about anything, the closer to nothing the better. A staple of New York’s underground parties, legendary.
Go Go Dancer Nominees: Ariel, Abby (Chantilly Lace), Apathy Angel, Lady Starlight, Anna Copa Cabana
Burlesque Performer Nominees: Amber Star, Stormy Leather, Legs Malone, Peekaboo Pointe, Janis DiMilo, Tali De’Mar
Last Year’s Winner, Go Go: Machine Sex

Promoter Most Likely to Coerce You into a Bathroom Stall FOR HIJINKS: Everyone
We have witnessed the coercion, you bet. If a promoter is not promising bathroom-encounters at their events, they are not trying hard enough. If a promoter needs to make good on their promise, they have to do it themselves.
Nominees: Michael T

Promoter: Andy Shaw
The best, not only a competent businessman, but a remarkable human being. His weekly email blast goes out to just short of 9,000, and his heart goes out to them all.
Nominees: Famous Friends, Jess, Frances and Lena, Twig the Wonderkid, One Night Stand, Cut, Michael de Guzman, “They’re all drug addicts”
Last Year’s Winner: Andy Shaw

Most Attractive Bartender: “The long-haired model at Beatrice Inn on Fridays”
“The long-haired model at Beatrice Inn on Fridays” is no way to talk about a person. We are sorry, but if it is any consolation all of Manhattan thinks that you are beautiful. We would send our interns on a fact-checking mission, but imagine that if the creeps that we think are at Beatrice Inn are indeed at Beatrice Inn... well, then it is better to leave you anonymous.
Nominees: Aaron (40 C), Robert at Happy Ending, Matt at Union Pool, Mary Kate at Crash Mansion, Lauren Larkin, Maddy Thaler at Royal Oak

Most Attractive Cocktail/Bottle Waitress: Rebel
Rebel is surely not a person, which would lead most to assume we’re talking about the entire cocktail waitress staff as a whole... but, instead, let’s talk about the multi-talented and beautiful Shannon Foster (who we hope, for her talent, is still not there). An actress on stage, too, she is only pretending to flirt with you... the mark of a true professional.
Nominees: Rebel

Drag Performer: Deryck Todd
See him in a dress, and be surprised that he is a boy. Those are his killer legs, but that is not his last name. His rendition of “Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide” during this past BowieBall was amazing.
Nominees: Trigger, Acid Betty, Rainblo, Epiphany, Peppermint Gummybear

Gender Fuck Performer: Pixie Harlots
Members Jonathan Bastiani, Matthew Crosland, Machine Dazzle, Layard Thompson and Darrell Thorne (choreographed by Julie Atlas Muz and Vanessa Walters) are as ferocious as they are fabulous, somewhere between The House of Ninja and a production of Cabaret staged in the streets of a 1980s Alphabet City.
Nominees: Pixie Harlots

Door Staff: Lit (Matt Kepler)
Formidable without being abominable, professional without losing his sense of humor, Matt Kepler (and the rest of the door staff) keep the riff-raff out while letting the horrorshow in.
Nominees: Annex, 40 C, Ro (Annex, darkroom), Happy Ending, TRASH!, Don Hill’s, “Anywhere but Hiro,” “Rififi when TRASH! was there”
Last Year’s Winner: Rififi

Bar Staff: Le Royale
Some of the fabulous staff from the last few months, and today: Jenna Duffy, Flutura Bardhi and Sam behind the bar, with Esther Flink running bottles, Daniel at the door, Kieren Taylor holding down the fort, Lauren Sieber checking coats, Ariel guarding the back section of the main floor and owner Terry Casey keeping it all in balance.
Nominees: 40 C (Aaron), Happy Ending, Le Royale, Beauty Bar, Matt and Jess at Savalas, The Plumm
Last Year’s Winner: Rififi

Venue-Bar: Beauty Bar
The west side of 14th Street is fabulous: between Lotus (until recently), The Plumm and Country Club, things are astounding out Hudson River way. The east side of 14th Street belongs to Beauty Bar. A mix of kitsch and mixed drinks, with sparkled walls and lights that make everything look like some kind of deep sea fish. The dancing there is amazing, and apparently you can get your nails done and get drunk at the same time.
Nominees: Arlo & Esme, Savalas, Rodeo Bar, darkroom, Union Pool, Black and White, Duff’s
Last Year’s Winner: Rififi

Place to See DJs Spin Vinyl, Dance Floor, and Venue: Santos Party House
With so many listings and such little space, we focus on Sundays at Santos often. Nicky Siano is your resident, Studio 54, he has never stopped. Leave it to a man who learned on vinyl. Of course, the best new venue is one that no one in Manhattan media spells correctly. No apostrophe in the name, no rules on the dance floor: Andrew WK’s new venue is all about bringing fun to the masses, not the “Me!” generation-residuals of other neighborhoods. The volume is loud, the design is loud, the space is voluminous, the dancefloor is epic and the lights are blindingly fantastic, but leave enough darkness for what you are a looking for on a night out.
Place to See DJs Spin Vinyl Nominees: Marquee, Beauty Bar, Studio B, 205, Sundays Best, East Side Social Clvb, Love. Dance Floor Nominees: 40 C, Studio B, darkroom, Touch, 205, Cielo, Annex.
Venue Nominees: The Delancey, Love, Happy Ending, Rebel, Le Royale, Studio B, The Plumm
Last Year’s Winner, Dance Floor: Studio B

Spot to See Breakdancing: McCarren Park Track
The local kids come out in droves, keeping the neighborhood more real in view of a hipster and young professionals invasion. No worries about locking doors, there is locking going on out here. In a borough that most of America associates with breaking and entering, there is breakin’.
Nominees: Rebel, Ninjasonik on Wednesdays at Happy Ending, Hiro on Thursdays

Yuppie-Spotting: Beatrice Inn
“Weekends in Meatpacking,” “weekends in East Village,” and “L Magazine Nightlife Awards Party” are all correct, but Beatrice Inn has a Jacksonville, Florida density of yuppies, neo-yuppies, etc. Bring your field guide, your binoculars and your safari hat. Be careful not to stand too close to the door, they might let you in for irony­ — if we learned anything from the Reagan 80s (“Just Say ‘No’ to Drugs” and the introduction of crack to inner-cities), it is that yuppies love irony.
Nominees: Hiro, “Manhattan,” Ruff Club, “Weekends in Meatpacking,” “Weekends in East Village,” “L Magazine Nightlife Awards Party”

Spot for Anonymous Sexual Encounters: The Box
If “everywhere” has anything to say about it, everyone is a winner. If Gossip Girl has anything to say about it, The Box (or, the limo you arrive in) is best.
Nominees: Lit, Don Hill’s, Six Six Sick, High Voltage, TRASH!, “everywhere”

Gay Club: The Cock
The name says it all, and the bird above the entrance lights your way.
Nominees: Metropolitan, Splash, Phoenix, HK

Place to Spot Celebrities:
A-List: Beatrice Inn
B-List: Beatrice Inn
C-List: Lit
A-List and B-List: Of course this West Village spot wins.
C-List: Of course this East Village spot wins. How hip and with it everyone is, we are actually shocked it is not the other way around—the A-Listers trying to act tough and the B- and C-Listers social climbing.
A-List: Marquee
B-List: Lit
C-List: Three of Cups
Mixed: Happy Ending, Bowery, Hiro

Post-Breakup Night Out Spot: Death & Co.
It seems pretty reflexive and a little too convenient that one would chose a place with Death in the title for a night of sorrow. But misery does love company.
Nominees: Metropolitan, Lucky Cheng’s, Ruff Club, Chemistry NYC, “Stay home”

“My Significant Other is Out of Town” Spot: Ruff Club
Just stay away from the photographers and the minors.
Nominees: Metropolitan, O’Connors (Brooklyn), Chemistry NYC, Happy Ending, “Stay home,” “When my significant other is out of town, I drug myself until he comes back”

Most Relaxed No-Smoking Policy: Beatrice Inn
This should probably not be published, but we cannot imagine many legal-types are reading the Nightlife Issue to plot their sweeps. Unless those legal types are not cops but libel-watchers.
Nominees: Lit, 205, Annex basement, Le Royale

Venue Decor: Lucky 13 Saloon
A true, blood-in blood-out rock ‘n’ roll establishment with more credibility than maybe all of the LES combined. Posters line every non-floor surface, the floor looks ready for a brawl and half-naked, dancing patrons add to the ambiance.
Nominees: Love, Happy Ending, 205, Le Royale, Bowery Electric, Cielo

Venue That Deserves Getting Dressed Up to Visit: Beatrice Inn
Dress up fancy, there are a lot of new friends to be made—or, at least plenty of strangers to smile at and celebrities to stare at. Unless you are barely out of adolescence or A-list, you had best plan your outfit for Beatrice Inn like you would for your wedding day.
Nominees: Marquee, Gansevoort, Happy Ending, Clover Club

Most Dangerous In-Venue Staircase: Three of Cups
It is dark. You are drunk. Those are not good odds for any staircase. Le Royale is an upset: the main staircase has people throwing themselves down it, staff racing around it, drips humbling up it and people racing toward it from outside, the bathroom and the bar upstairs — oh, and its back staircase is all that, and black as pitch, too.
Nominees: Le Royale, 205, Beatrice Inn, Happy Ending, Rehab, The Pool at QT

Venue with the Most Pretentious Line-Companions: “Who waits in line”
Exactly. If you are standing on line, go home. Not because you are not a wonderful human being who does not deserve admission, but because you are wasting your time. If you are waiting in line outside, you will wait in line inside in some capacity. The people who skip lines know the bartenders and are occupying them with their mixer needs. It is a cycle.
Nominees: Marquee, 205, Santos Party House, Pink Elephant, Hiro

Open Bar: Lit
The drinks are strong, the staff is pleasant, the variety is large. Open bars at Lit, particularly during NC-17, are a 2-for-1 orgy of mixed fluids and poor/pour judgments.
Nominees: Minou, Disco Down, Ether, A Rock and a Hard Place, Zygo (High Voltage),, “All”

Non-Theater/Concert Venue for Live Performances: Arlene’s Grocery
What it lacks in venue-size, it makes up for in sonic prowess. The engineers are competent behind the sound console, and can turn over a stage quickly enough for you to take a break without losing the crowd to any of the bars within spitting distance.
Nominees: Studio B, Annex, Don Hill’s, Irving Plaza, Bowery Poetry Club, Pianos, Mercury Lounge, Maxwell’s, McCarren Park Pool, Joe’s Pub, Ars Nova, Market Hotel, Death By Audio

Bottle Service Menu: Marquee
Responses to this included, “gross” and “blow me,” but whether or not any of us at The L can afford a bottle is beside the point that Marquee’s menu is top-notch. Keep an eye on our Nightlife section: Zachary likes to list the parties for which he hosts bottle service.
Nominees: Beatrice Inn, Happy Ending, 205

In-House Club Food: Trash Bar in Brooklyn
Whether it is the special events catering that comes out of the room at Don Hill’s (home to the MisShapes’ famous white wall or a full-service kitchen), nothing says healthy like food in the middle of the night, and nothing makes you want to dance like short-ordered food. We could really use a cupcake from Country Club right now, but come midnight Trash’s food (ew?) does just fine.
Nominees: Crash Mansion, Union Hall, Sprinkles cupcakes at Country Club, Pete’s Candy Store, Union Pool (Taco Truck), White Rabbit

Rooftop: The Delancey
In a city filled with skyscrapers, it is always nice to rise up from our five-to-seven-foot frames and scrape a bit of the sky. It sure helps when there are drinks and food to share with friends, scraping together singles to tip the bar staff. The Delancey’s rooftop is high enough from the litter below to make our spirits light, while keeping in view the Williamsburg Bridge so that we can see from whence we came.
Nominees: Studio B, High Bar, 230 5th, 300 CPW, The Hudson, Bar 13

Duly Noted
All-Night Train: “None!”
We still maintain that the D train is the best: there are almost no service changes and even on a Sunday morning it will get you from 59th to 125th in about 10 minutes — if you are going that way. However, the L, J,M,Z, G and R trains smack of a BK- and LES-centric readership. The resounding call of, “None!” figures somewhere between the nominations below for the expensive convenience of a car service and the green-consciousness of bikes.
Nominees: L train, J,M,Z trains, J (singular) train, G train, R train, F train
Last Year’s Winner: A train

Car Service: Bikes
Environmentally and fiscally responsible, hip and quick—there is no waiting for a train or paying for a cab. It is a good thing that that bike lane just got painted along Broadway. Please pedal safely. Does anyone remember Go Home With Someone? The L’s vote goes to RightRides.
Nominees: Metropolitan in Williamsburg, Northside, Arecibo, New Brooklyn, Yellow Cab, 7777777 Carmel
Last Year’s Winner: Taxi

Fashion Trend: Staying In
Spring 2009 Fashion Week has come and gone, and so have the 80s. Get over it. About as much of what was good in 1987 and good at the tents this month is translatable to right now. Glitter is fabulous, neck-braces are mean and exposed chest hair is just gross. Staying in is anti-social, but the choice of Pepsi drinkers (go out and dance, you raging alcoholics).
Nominees: Glitter, neck-brace, boys with exposed chests/low v-necks, large bows, brown leather dress shoes, 80s bathing suits as onesies, being yourself, headbands over foreheads, over-sized glasses, clothing optional, “Anything, but shutter shades,” “Fuck trends,” glowsticks, Pokémon vomit
Last Year’s Winner: Fanny Pack

Post-Clubbing Food: Pizza
Do you want to know what we prefer to do? Starve until we get home (suffering an hour-long train ride) and then gorge ourselves on cereal, PB&J or the sandwich we packed to eat but could not bring ourselves to once we realized how close to home (and bed) we were. That is we as in The L, as a staffer recently wrote, “a container of cottage cheese and eight spoonfuls of hummus, and a glass of milk, and some cashews.” This is obvious staple of middle-of-the-night food and we would like to consider among the winners Ray’s Pizza, along with all of the establishments listed that serve pizza.
Nominees: Ray’s Pizza, Punjabi, San Loco, Yaffa, Around the Clock, 7A

Night to Go Out: Thursday
This is funny, there are only seven to choose from. For most of the working public, only two to choose from —which means that for the Nightlife professionals there are only five from which to choose. L Magazine staffers only party on days that end in Y.
Nominees: Tuesday, Friday, Wednesday, Saturday
Last Year’s Winner: Friday

Mix of Nightlife and Fashion: BYTE
As it should be, this was met with a million nominations. Sadly, most of them are drivel compared to the potential mix of nightlife and fashion. BYTE is the shining example of originality (forgive the rubber/recycling solecism). Songs that you will not hear most anywhere else in a scene that mixes a lifestyle beyond Zygo open bars and fashion beyond American Apparel... the place where Steampunk and Industrial meet in the Empire State.
Nominees: Disco Down, Trouble & Bass, Ruff Club, Fashion Indie, Stereo-Type, TRASH!

Mix of Nightlife and Live Music: Lit
These days, finding an East Village venue doing something worthwhile is rare. Lit manages to keep a balance between Nightlife excesses and artistic catharsis with a cavernous concert set-up in their cave-like basement.
Nominees: Minou, Cheeky Bastard, Phat Baby, Famous Friends Parties, Santos Party House, Studio B

Mix of Nightlife and Art: Lit
Remember when Sonic Youth were playing shows in art galleries? Lit has an on-site art gallery, perfect.
Nominees: Beatrice Inn, Supreme Trading, Arlo & Esme, Stereo-Type, Glasslands, Hugs

Most Thriving Scene: Electro
Seriously? We blame the readers over the panel. What a circle-jerk all of that is. As far as nightlife goes: it fits perfectly.
Nominees: Metropolitan, Williamsburg, Bushwick, “hipster crap,” Ruff, DIY, downtown rock scene
~ ~ ~ ~
The Second Annual L Magazine Nightlife Awards, generously sponsored by KillShopKill and Shaw Promotion, with PR support from R. Couri Hay CPR, was held at Touch on September 16. It featured: Emcees Michael T and Michael Formika Jones. Panelists Michael Gogel, Rachelle J. Hruska, Steve Lewis, Gregory Littley and Stephanie Wei. Presenters Peter Davis, Rachelle J. Hruska, Robbyne Kaamil, Sophia Lamar, Steve Lewis, Michael Musto, NickGQ, Thomas Onorato, Peppermint Gummybear and Stephanie Wei. Performers Bugs in the Dark and Naked Highway. Awards Girls Ariel and Baby Sinead. After Party DJ rekLES. After Party Hosts JE, Mae (Ill P.), One Night Stand’s Jake Destruction, Alex Christian and Chantilly Lace, and Zachary David Palmer... and enough dangling Chads to make you forget the Bush years. ~


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