by Zachary Palmer

International club DJ Marc-Alan Gray, fresh off a battery of Parisian dates and charging toward an upcoming CHANGEZ LE BEAT Toronto appearance, is making the newly-opened Le Royale (formerly Luke & Leroy) his own. With an omniscience in nightlife as looming as Doctor T. J. Eckleburg’s eyes, Gray bridges the gap between New York Islands like a superhero on par with Green Lantern. Friday night’s GBH- and Cheeky Bastard-presented Robot Rock is for those who work harder than their parents, but play better, faster, stronger than those at the misshapen chaos that used to call Saturdays at Luke & Leroy home. Residents Alex English and Dimitry!!!, with Gray in the lounge, pull a Calgary ‘88-qualifying evening/event full of Olympic-length sets at luge-like speeds.

At CHANGEZ LE BEAT (which takes place also in Chicago, Miami and London), Gray, Sujinho, June D and friends in music pour rays of light onto the gray area between uptown and downtown. With signature musical arcs as unique as his MAG sign-off, Gray travels down lanes through ranges of indie, pop, baile, hop, electro and rock. The party pumps beats enough to blow hinges, and the talent is there to wrangle a party with a single song upon which the angle of the evening will change. Your hosts are Deryck Todd, Aline Castro, Joey Nova, Etie, Cindy Kim and The L Magazine’s nightlife editor Zachary David Palmer. When genres blend into the future, partiers freak; when classics play you can tell that, paradoxically, DJs will continue to changez le beat.

Robot Rock
FREE with rsvp to; $10

FREE; Mention the name Zachary at the door, and you’re set.
Questions? Contact
Le Royale
21 Seventh Ave South


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