Your Labor Day Week With Michael "Mother" T.

Your Labor Day Week With Michael "Mother" T.

by Zachary Palmer

Call me Ishmael. On Sunday, September 2, your co-captains Michael T., Justine D., Jonny T. and Georgie Seville invite you to put on, for the last time this year, your whaling white stirrup pants and take a journey, figured after the structure of Moby Dick (and The Grapes of Wrath), between the more laborious and the more emotive. On the main floor, Michael T., Justine D. and DJ Jess spin rock ‘n’ roll, glam, new wave, post punk and disco, while in the side room, Moby (with support from Lauren Flax) spins a DJ set of beta-endorphin-pill classic rave and nu electronica, and downstairs, Lil Davey, Josh Styles and William M spin 60s soul, psych, garage and 70s funk. In honor of the holiday and musical focus, I am requesting RUSH’s ‘Working Man’, while in honor of both the homophone and last Motherfucker performance from The Faint, it would be nice to hear a song from ‘Wet From Birth’. Fulfilling the Free Willy attitude of the party, Kudo perform whale sounds à la Keiko (the orca from the film). MC’ed by Mistress Formika, your hosts are: Pepper- mint Gummybear, Astro Earle, Miranda Moondust, Dina Delicious, Roxy Cottontail, Luc Carl and Lady Ga Ga.

Later this week, Michael T. guest DJs alongside Josh Styles and Lady Starlight at the anniversary of Glamdammit [audience participation: Janet!], Twig the Wonderkid (oh, goodness... Moby and a term for ‘prodigy’ in the same piece) and the Astronettes premier glam-rock night to which they gave birth, ‘Cosmic Dancer’-/”I danced myself out of the womb”-style three years ago. Show up by 1am for a live performance, which I can only dream will be like a Rocky Horror-inspired Rockettes show complete with Pierre La Roche make-up design and stills from Mick Rock (see: RHPS), from Michael T. At 2am, Peppermint Gummybear hosts a glam beauty pageant with prizes for the best jumpsuits, platforms and make-up. Also, to ensure your blubbering, there is a mixing-oil-and-water Zygo energy vodka open bar between 11pm and midnight. At the end of it all, see how many matchbooks you have with telephone numbers that read, “Call me, Ishmael.”

Motherfucker: SEPTEMBER 2 ONLY
10pm, $15 with invite; $20 without
Eugene, 27 W 24th St, between Fifth and Sixth Aves

Glamdammit: SEPTEMBER 8 ONLY
10pm, rsvp at
Rififi, 332 E 11th St, between First and Second Aves


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