Party Tracker: The Factory

Party Tracker: The Factory
by Zachery Palmer

This nightlife muckraker does not need to take you uptown/go all Upton Sinclair on you to tell you that the scene is filled of cattle car’ed sheep content to dance the ‘Spinning Jenny’, but just to the west of Union Square Park, the home of so many centuries of rallies, protests and vigils, is a silver lining to recent nightlife’s cloud of air and noise pollution. How romantic (little r) to be quixotic, how Romantic (big R) to be Pastoral. For[a]ging ahead, the silver lining around the corner from The (not the original) Factory (on Union Square West) is the manufactory cure for the mani/pedi set. For once, leave your Hugo BOSS pants and tweed jackets behind, and dress in your best glam-to-the-slaughter attire. Fittingly enough, it is in the Meatpacking District where unions of party kids, a mixture of everyone from those on ‘Ludes to Luddites, are assembly-lining up for Michael Formika [Tiles] Jones, Michael “Model” T. and sweatshop-labor-free Heatherette co-designer Richie Rich’s night of sexy burlesque performances from Norma Rae-inspired Creamy Stevens, Little Brooklyn and weekly special guests, while DJs Michael Cavadias (aka Lily of The Valley) and Miss Guy don their Whigs and spin fac-Tories of Warhol rock, Pastoral art pop and (conveyer)belt it out velvet disco (main room), and DJ Uncut spins smoke stacks of Richard Marx[x] pop hits and Proletariat hip-hop (Flower room). Pouring you full of Cotton Gin, your quality controlling, 24-hour party people (like so many job-stealing robots) hosts are Amanda Lepore, Cazwell, Greggor, Coco, Drew G, Aaron Tanner and Scott Aguiar. For dinner reservations, call 212-243-4420 x250.

Tuesdays at Lotus
409 W 14th St, between Ninth and Tenth Aves (A,C,E,L to 14th St Eight Ave)


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