an Interview with: NickyDigital

an Interview with: NickyDigital
by Zachary Palmer

In honor of the one-year anniversary of, Nick Rhodes (yes, his last name is not really Digital, he has “the same name as that guy in Duran Duran that plays the keyboards and wears a lot of makeup”) and I sat down in front of our computers and undertook an e-interview that is barely more cerebral than any number of surveys that find their ways into bulletins.

The L Magazine: Why Digital, when did you take the name?
Nick Rhodes: In college I lived with a bunch of lit and journalism kids and I was a new media kid, always on my laptop or playing with some electronic gizmo, so they started calling me Digital... then NickyDigital... then the Didge.

The L: As for your first name, what influence, if any, did early Pink Floyd, particularly the drumming of Nicky Mason, have on you?
NR: I'd have to say that I love the fact that in 1981 they put out a best of album titled "A Collection of Great Dance Songs" I've never really thought of Pink Floyd as dancey, but I make a real effort to cut the rug when I hear them now.

The L: What equipment do you use?
NR: For nightlife stuff my typical set up is a Canon 20D, Canon L-series EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM, and one or two Canon 580EX Speedlite (depending on if I need a free hand for a drink). If I'm shooting film, you are most likely to find me with my Mamiya C330 twin-lens reflex camera.

The L: Why are you always wearing a handkerchief?
NR: I'm a bank robber. J/k LOL ROFL! (Not funny) I've been wearing them for years, I don't remember why I started, but I think it looks cool... don't you? One of the more practical reasons is for when fictional partygoer Drunky Mc-Drinks-To-Much stumbles into me and spills their entire Vodka Soda on my lense — the bandana becomes an instant booze soaker upper.

The L: How did you start out with photography?
NR: When I was a youngster a close family friend was a professional photographer and he would always bring over different cameras and show me how they worked and how they differed from other cameras. It wasn't
until high school that I landed myself in a darkroom and really got hooked! Have you ever seen a picture develop on a blank sheet of photo paper? It's a Science PARTY!

The L: Which artists, photographers, etcetera inspire you?
NR: Right now I'm really into British photog. Nick Turpin's street work. There are also a TON of great photoblogs here in NYC that I love. Definitey Keith Yan's work at and and Red DeLeon at

The L: How were you introduced into the scene?
NR: What scene?

The L: What was the first party that you photographed?
NR: I think I photographed my grandfather's 80th birthday when I was Nine, but.the first party photographed for was the now-defunct SoulPusher at the Delancey.

The L: With the success of Ron Galella's Disco Years, have you been optioned for a book? Are you interested in publishing a book, either one about your life or a photobook?
NR: Ummm…a book eh? I'd be totally into it! I can't think of a reason why I wouldn't want an Analog version of my website with old school page flippin' navigation.

The L: What is your relationship with other nightlife photographers like?
What singles you out among them?
NR: I've always taken the stance that there is enough fun for
everyone, so why not all run around and have a good time together? I
was heavily involved in photoblogging before and
really loved the community aspects of it Check out my not so recently
updated photoblog

The L:What percentage of the people who you photograph are people who you already know? What is your I took their picture and then we became friends batting average?
NR: I'm not much of a sports guy but I'd say I bat around a .314.

The L: What is the traffic like on your website?
NR: Red light, green light, one! Two! Three!

The L: Are you afraid of there being a shift to film, having to change NickyDigital to NickyFilm and then being teased as KinkyFilm?
NR: I've actually given this much thought and have decided that I would go the NickyAnalog route. As for name mockeries, Lady Sov already calls me Dicky Nigital, but she has that cute English accent, so it's forgivable.

The L: Which is your favorite nightlife moment, party?
NR: I'm always really psyched when a band or DJ that I've photographed seeks me out to tell me they like what I'm doing or when people use a photo I've taken as their profile pic on the It's like getting a virtual high-five.

The L: How do you survive so many late nights?
NR: Red Bull + Whiskey = DidgeryDrew.

The L: What is your sleeping schedule like?
NR: Head + Pillow = sleep.

The L: What do you do in the daytime?
NR: I'm an art director at Radar Magazine.

The L: How do you feel about the scene? What would you like to see change?
NR: I'm not big on calling it anything because I feel like when people do that they have a tendency to exclude people because they aren't enough of this or that. Like I said earlier, I think there is enough fun for everyone, so lets all just get down!

The L: What do you see for the immediate future of the scene?
NR: I'm pretty excited that people are starting to wear color again!

The L: Where do you see yourself in 20 years, when your website is at the legal drinking age?
NR: This question is too witty to answer.


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