PARTY TRACKER: Private Men's Club

Party Tracker: Private Men's Club
by Zachary Palmer

Gone are the days of having to decide between partying uptown or downtown, of knowing that you cannot stop by Crobar with your raver pants if you are going to pass as a scenester below 14th St.

Private Men's Club is a dress-the-part and stay-the-night affair for those looking to step out fabulously and make as splendid a headed-home exit as they made of an entrance. Rather than do a shuffle and end up with scuffed shoes, hosts Ryland Blackington and Alex Sarti invite you to have your stick pins ready for when the needle drops, and to have a cigar (outside) before you are headed home to sleep. Your music selectors are TKOmri, Rob Hitt and Alex Suarez, who spin bar-fight rock, walk-twenty-paces-and-turn-indie, and tails of cummerbund soul. Dust off your Prohibition-era suits, and pay a visit to this European opium den of party. Dress the part for discounted Martinis and Manhattans from bathtub-gin barkeeps Drew Conrad and Wayne de Traine.

Private Men's Club
Black and White
86 E 10th St, between Third and Fourth Aves
10pm to 4am, Free


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