Playgirl's Man of the Year Issue-Release Party

Playgirl's Man of the Year Issue-Release Party
by Zachary Palmer

Playgirl, why are you dancing when you could be alone... and reading with one hand. Crowning Niko the new king of porn, the foremost Feminist lifestyle publication for women and men looking foreskin makes (Editor-in-Chief) Nicole Cald-well on its Man of the Year Issue-promise. DJ Solid Goldberger spins goldmember hits on 7-inch vinyl while Playgirl models and Real Men join in for Tabloid-worthy, free-lube-and-$2-PBR-fueled festivities (both italicizations are monthly features.)

To the westside's HK Lounge for a blue photo party, head out as the sun goes down below the Blue Horizon for a blow-out night of Media overload: with giveaways from party sponsors Sextoy, Pink, Doc Johnson, Chocoholics and and Playgirl's infamous goodie bags. As for next year? The winner is still 'only a question mark on a [yearly] calendar.'

Playgirl's Man of the Year Issue-Release Party, May 8
HK Lounge, 7 to 10pm
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